Body Couture at Tikey Health
                 Body Couture at TikeyHealth
 The Experts at Body Couture are helping
our clients achieve optimum health through
medical weight-loss, beauty
and non-surgical anti-aging treatments.
Body Couture has the philosophy
that encompasses a healthy lifestyle 
and approach to preventative medicine.
The best way to avoid illness and aging is
to prevent it in the first place with
a commitment to HEALTHY living!

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Kevin Trudeau's Natural Weight Loss Cure

NEOVA...Even the Smartest Can Get Smarter..
Ask us about NEOVA SmartSunscreens & other SmartSkincare!

DNA Damage Control
Silc Sheer 2.0 | Broad Spectrum SPF 40 A Smarter, New Formulation

Complete photoprotection + a spectacular cosmetic finish on contact.

CONTOUR®MD has over 30 years experience with design, fabric and craftsmanship of post–surgical and compression garments and scar treatments. CONTOUR®MD garments fit every subtle contour of the body, giving you and your patients unprecedented comfort during recovery after surgery.

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      Lisa Weber, RN

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