About Us

Body Couture President, Lisa Weber, RN

Education: Massachusetts
Licensed in Arizona, Connecticut, and Massachusetts

Has extensive training and certification in all of the aesthetic procedures performed at Body Couture.

Work Experience: Arizona Heart Hospital Emergency Room
 The Mayo Clinic~Scottsdale, AZ

2007: Opened the doors of Body Couture

 "I am enjoying every minute while at Body Couture. I am very passionate about my career and I love seeing positive results in my patients, I've learned so much from all of them!

                                                                           ~Yours in Health, Lisa Weber, RN~

At Body Couture we offer a variety of non-surgical aesthetic procedures supervised by a highly trained and dedicated staff. Lisa Weber, RN has 21 years in the medical arena and 7 solid years of experience and education in prevailing medical aesthetics practice, inectable and filler treatments, along with over all health and weight loss management.

Body Couture at Tikey Health
15030 N. Hayden Road
Suite 110

Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

(480) 951-1248-Office 
(480) 678-1580-Cellular

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